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City of Vancouver







City of Vancouver Canada

City of Vancouver is a beautiful and vibrant city known for its world known attractions including Granville Island, Robson Street and Stanley Park. City of Vancouver is located on west coast of Canada with its population of about 600,000 (2003), but Vancouver 's Greater Area counts about 2 million people. City of Vancouver is the largest city in the province of British Columbia and it is the third largest city in Canada.

Vancouver is surrounded by water from three sides. Vancouver 's climate is one of the mildest in Canada because it is on the south side of Canada. Temperatures average 3°C in January and 18°C in July. Vancouver is very rich with parks having close to 200 parks including well known Stanley Park of Vancouver City.

Warmed by Pacific Ocean currents and protected by a range of mountains, Vancouver enjoys mild temperatures year-round. From high 70's Fahrenheit (low 20's Celsius) in summer to a mild mid 40's Fahrenheit (0º to 5º Celsius) in winter, the climate is always hospitable. Our winters are wet, but it rarely snows, except on our local ski hills.

Getting Around

BC Transit

Coast Mountain Bus - Bus service integrated with rapid transit, marine services and commuter rail, makes travel in the region easier for a growing number of customers.

SkyTrain Rapid Transit - The world's longest automated light rapid transit system moves 200,000 customers daily along 49 kilometres of track using 210 rail cars. Trains run as often as every two minutes.

SeaBus Passenger Ferry - Two 400-passenger catamaran ferries make the 3.2-km trip between downtown Vancouver and North Vancouver in 12 minutes.

West Coast Express Rail - Service runs weekday morning peak hours from Mission and the Northeast Sector to downtown Vancouver, and back again in the afternoon peak hours. The 68 kilometre commuter service carries 7,700 customers daily with a 99% on-time record.

Albion Car Ferry - Two vehicle ferries offer free, frequent service from Maple Ridge on the north side of the Fraser River to Langley on the south side.

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